How to create a cartoon effect - How to transform image to cartoon.

Cartoon is a form of drawing or painting with great detail. converting photos into cartoons is one of the most trending photo editing effect used in many industries, most especially in social media advertising, newspaper and magazine. In this simple step by step tutorial you will learn how to transform an image into cartoon this technique can be use for any type of image, so lets get started.

Step 1: Launch Photoshop And Import Your Image.

once you have successfully launch Photoshop go to the top menu bar and select File>New. a dialogue box will pop up, here you will set the size and resolution when done click OK. now you can drag and drop your image.

Step 2: Make Image Black And White.

ctrlshiftu to take off the colors - How to transform image to cartoon.

Now you have your image in Photoshop is time to transform the image, what you don’t want to do is not to work on the image with is original color. so take the color off by pressing Ctrl+Shift+U on your keyboard. now your image is in black and white.

Step 3: Make A Selection For The Skin Areas.

Make a quick selection around the skin areas including the ears, to do this go to the tool bar locate and select Quick Selection Tool, with the tool selected click around the face area and the body when you are done and you want to select the ears just hold down Shift on your keyboard and click on the ear.

Step 4: Create A Fill Layer Mask For The Selection.

create a solid fill color mask - How to transform image to cartoon.

Now that you are done making the selections next thing to do is to create a fill layer mask for the selection to do this look to the bottom of your image layer and locate the icon {Create New Fill Or Adjustment Layer}, click on it and a menu will show up at the top of the menu select Solid Color and a dialogue box will pop up, here you will chose a color to fill the layer with, now enter this code fdb08a to get a nice skin related color when done click OK. now you have your selection fill with the color, rename the layer Skin Color and bring the Opacity down to about 90%.

Step 5: Select All Black Areas And Make A Fill Layer Mask.

fill selection with a black mask - How to transform image to cartoon.

Click on the little eye icon next to the skin color layer to turn off is visibility so you can see all the areas you want to select. now go to the tool bar and pick the Quick Selection Tool now make a quick selection around the hair down to the side beard, the beard, mustache, eyebrows, eyelid, nostril, mouth between the lips and the black areas inside the eyes, you can switch to select any of the above mention area when done with one by holding Shift on your keyboard. when done with the selections repeat the same process in step 4 but this time fill with black color and rename the layer Black Color.

Step 6: Select All White Areas And Make A Fill Layer Mask.

With the visibility of the skin color and black color layer turn off, go to the tool bar locate and select the Lasso Tool use it to make a selection round the white areas of the eyes when done go to the bottom of your layers and click on Create New Fill Or Adjustment Layer icon to create a Solid Color, fill with white Color, rename and drag it below the black color layer.

Note: after you make a selection and create a Solid Color your selection as been converted to a mask, so you can paint in the areas you do not select well or remove over selection by switching between white and black in your foreground color with that particular layer selected.

Step 7: Make A Hair Curvy Selection To Form Spectacle And Boldness.

bring the layer opacity to 10 percent - How to transform image to cartoon.

Now your image look very much like cartoon what you will want to do next is to make the hair hold more shape and spectacle to do this use the Lasso Tool to make a curvy hair flow selection and repeat the process in step 4 to create a Solid Color layer fill with gray and bring the Opacity of the layer to about 10%.

Step 8: Color grade and add background.

create a bg - How to transform image to cartoon.

what you will do next is to color grade the photo to bring in  spectacle and shininess and also place a background behind the character, you can add some adjustment layer for the grading i am going to discuss in depth about color grading in my next post, you can also check out my previous tutorial “How to remove red eye and brighten the teeth” for basic colorizing. next create a background by going to the Tool Bar and locate the <RECTANGLE TOOL> click and drag around your image to create a back ground when you let go a dialogue box will pop up here you can change the color to suit your image, after that drag the background layer to the bottom of all layers.

How to create a cartoon effect - How to transform image to cartoon.

Here is the final result. hope  the tutorial was helpful, please like, share and comment. thanks for reading.

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