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How to create vampire effect photoshop tutorials

vampire effect, follow this step by step tutorial and discover the amazing trick you can use to turn a person into vampire in Photoshop, i made this tutorial with Photoshop CC this very method is super easy to follow with it you can create any horror or evil character from vampires to evil witch, alien and zombies from your original image.


Note: If you are going to create a vampire or  any horror character effect first thing you need to consider  is your original image, you have to make sure your character pose to meet the specifications of the effect you want to achieve, Eg for this tutorial i want to create a vampire like effect so in that case i have to shoot the original photo with the character mouth open so i can manipulate the teeth.



Step 1: Launch And Import Your Image Into Photoshop.

vampire effect

Once your image is ready just launch photoshop drag and drop your image into the work area of photoshop. if you are new to photoshop and you want to know other ways to create files in photoshop where you have the chance to chose your image size and resolution checkout my previous post here where i explain in details.


Step 2: Manipulate the character.

vampire effect photoshop

Now that you have your image in photoshop is time to do some manipulation, select the layer and go to the top menu select  FILTER> LIQUIFY you we be taking to the liquify work area with your image loaded up, now go to the TOOL BAR and select FORWARD WRAP TOOL right at the top once you select it properties will appear at the right hand side here you have to set the SIZE to 40, Density to 50 and PRESSURE to 100 now click and drag down the teeth you want to manipulate  when done with the teeth move over to the ears and do the same, when  you are sactisfy click ok.


Step 3: Mask out the eyes and replace with new one.


Next on  is to get rid of the current eyes and replace with ones that are more unsual, to do this go to the TOOL BAR and select the LASSO TOOL use it to make selections around the eye hold down SHIFT and more over to the next one and do the same, now you have make a selection press DELETE on your key board to get rid of them. make sure your image layer is Raterized, if you have not done this you can’t delete the selected eyes to Raterize the layer right click on the layer and convert to smart object right click again and select RATERIZE LAYER now you can delete them.


Now you can place any kind of unsual eyes in the empty space you can search for eyes on google to use and make sure you place the eye layers below the image layer cause next step is to colorize the layers.


Step 4: Color grade the eyes.

Color grade the eyes - How to create vampire effect photoshop tutorials

The main reason we want to color grade the eyes is to make them match with the over all photo and bring some realism to the charcter we are trying to achive,  so make sure no particular layer is selected and go over to the ADJUSTMENT PANEL and add the HUE/SATURATION its properties will pop up now check the box that say COLORIZE  make sure the adjustment layer is below the image layer now set HUE to 5, SATURATION to 24 and LIGHTNESS to 0.


Step 5: Add some veins to the body.

Add veins to the body - How to create vampire effect photoshop tutorials

Search on google and download veins image in png file or you can download jpeng image with pure white background so you can use the MAGIC WAND TOOL to take the background off easily. duplicate the veins and place them all over the body when done merge all the duplicate layers together, rename it veins, change BLEND MODE to MULTIPLY and set OPACITY to 40%.


Step 6: Add some stains to the teeth.

teeth stains

Create a new layer, with the layer selected go to the TOOL BAR locate and select the LASSO TOOL use it to make a random  selection over the teeth, make sure you stop at the start point to close the selection when done set the FOREGROUND COLOR to dark gray, now locate the PAINT BUCKET TOOL use it to fill in the color when done bring the layer OPACITY down to about 20%.


Step 7: Colorize the body.

Color Grade the over photo - How to create vampire effect photoshop tutorials

You know in real time or movies vampires or evil characters always have this kind of light blue skin color, so lets get this character some light blue skin go to ADJUSTMENT PANEL by default it should be before your layer panel and add the HUE/SATURATION its properties will pop up, check the box that say COLORIZE now drag the HUE slider to the blue area and bring down the SATURATION to about 35.  when done place the adjustment layer above the veins layer.


Step 8: Colorize the mouth.

Color grade the mouth - How to create vampire effect photoshop tutorials

The last thing we want to do is to make the mouth have a separate color from the rest of the body. to do this go to locate and select the POLYGONAL TOOL use it to make a selection around the mouth and go to the ADJUSTMENT PANEL and select HUE&SATURATION when the properties pop up check the colorize box, set HUE to 0 and SATURATION to 25.


That is it, here is the final result.

vampire effect photoshop tutorial


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